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Magic Says, "Mystery Tournament"

This Tournament format is Vanilla with items ON. It's very unformal and unconventional. It's just for those that want a break from the norm.

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Money Maker Tournaments

These tournaments can feature as many as 32 amiibo. They are all vanilla and have the usual formal rules. They come in many sizes: Penny(8), Nickel(8), Dime(16), Quarter(16), and Half Dollar(32). The top 32 trainers from these tournaments qualify for the Dollar Cup.


"big" is a 1v1 tournament that aims to be the largest amiibo tournament ever and doesn't plan to stop there either. It also doesn't plan to stop at wherever you just thought. The first stage is a round robin. The top 2 winners of the round robin advance. The second stage is a double elimination bracket. Each trainer is allowed 10 amiibo with no character caps. Seriously, tell everyone. It's free and I want ALL the amiibo I can possibly get for this tournament.

About Me

Amiibo Trainer, Streamer, Coder, and Tournament Host

I’ve been an Amiibo Trainer since Amiibo first came out and started with Marth (#Anonymous) and Ganondorf (Ganon in D). I started coding and researching Amiibo with my brother Hidari during Smash 4. I have since been a Streamer and Tournament Host for SSBU Amiibo since 2019, with a hiatus since late 2020, and I hope to keep streaming. I'm known for my Vanilla tournament "Magic Says, "Mystery Tournament"" series where a theme is laid out, items are turned on, the seriousness of Amiibo is thrown out the window, and the fun really begins. I first hosted vanilla "Penny Tournaments" where the tournaments come fast and furious, the size is small, and the boredom is killed quick. I've been known to let real life get to me and slow me down in the scene. I hope to get back in with a driving spirit and keep at it to make a name, though small, for myself and others.

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